Livestock Manager 1.0.8

Source:Blackhillock Software

App for managing farm livestock data, full input and maintenance of flock book, medicine book and movement records, including:

* comprehensive set of animal details
* parentage and offspring information, that can be viewed, created and transversed in either direction.
* comments can be associated with animals, and actions like medicine administration.
* Medicines, with three levels
- Type of medicine, name and withdrawal period
- Medicine cabinet or actual supplies, with batch number, expiry date, quantity and status. Finished medicines can be displayed or hidden.
- Medicine administrations, who gave what to whom when.
* Movements, both locations, transport information, times, etc.
* Integration with bluetooth EID readers.
* Export data to files and database backup.

The overall approach is to do actions to groups of animals. These groups can be managed and created easily, particularly with an EID reader. Actions can be conducted for all animals in a group, for example giving them all medicines, move them, sell them, etc. Although it is also possible to do these actions on individuals if you want, without the need for a group.

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OS:Android 2.1 and up

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